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Smiles all around at Hawthorne Day

The Hawthorne Fire Department would like to thank those members and mutual aid partners that participated during Hawthorne Day. It was a huge success as we met over 250 children and families, handing out fire helmets and coloring books. Hollie the firefighter clown and Sparky the fire dog brought a tone of smiles and photo opps too.

Thank you, Chief J. Speranza, G. DeAugustines, Fire Clerk C. Mogen, Fire Clerk A. Hechinger, F. Orsi, G. Zagatta, B. Stonier, D. Sylvester, K. Lettich, J. Niebo, Z. Alkes, G. Rees, K. Johnson, J. Pagnozzi, B. Warner, A. Manzo, Anthony, C. Smith, M.Garrison, C. Geier, C. Tamburro, Z. Mogen