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p styletext-align justifySunday September 11supthsup will mark the ten year anniversary of an event that changed so many lives in so many ways.nbspSome will find this day a difficult one to get through while others will go about their daily routines.nbspSome of us were directly involved in the events of that day while others were captivated by what occurred. Regardless of what you do it is most important to take a minute to remember.nbspRemember the selfless acts of heroism by the first responders. Remember the sacrifice of their lives in order to save others.nbspRemember how everyone came together to support each other so we could pull through this tragedy.nbspRemember that America is the country that it is because of people like you ndash first responders dedicated to performing their sworn duties.nbspSeptember 11supthsup will always have a different meaning to different people.nbspThe most importantnbspthing is to ALWAYS REMEMBER NEVER FORGEThelliphellip..pp styletext-align justifya hrefhttpwww.firehouse.com911httpwww.firehouse.com911app styletext-align justifya hrefhttphawthornefire.shutterfly.com2265httphawthornefire.shutterfly.com2265ap