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Memorial Monument Dedication

Over the past several months the departments existing “Memorial Monument” has been undergoing a face lift. The monument is being cleaned, repainted and all of the brass being re-polished. There is even a plan to add granite to add to the beauty of our monument.
The driving force behind the cleanup and repaint has been due to the effort of Kimberly Tamburro as part of a scouting program, Kimberly which has been coached on the monuments needs by our dedicated friend and firefighter Ralph Malindrino with this project.
Kimberly under took the effort by first raising her own funds via a baking goods fund raising effort over the past few months allowing her to purchase paint and supplies necessary to beautify the monument. Her efforts are paying the Hawthorne Fire Department dividends as the monument is shinning brilliantly. The department hopes to continue Kimberly efforts by adding granite and intensifying the beauty of our memorial monument.
On behalf of the Hawthorne Fire Department we wish to thank Kimberly, Ralph and her Dad (Ex Chief Victor Tamburro) for the dedication and efforts with our monument, the project added a new level of pride with our Memorial Monument, thank each of you again!

(Updates will continue as the monument under goes each of the phases of beautification.)