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Home Sprinklers

Home sprinkler systems prevent the spread of fires within an area. They are installed throughout the ceiling of a building and joined by a series of pipes and connected to a water supply. Heat from unwanted fire activates one or more sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity of the fire permitting water to flow. That water extinguishes and or controls the fire.

Why are sprinklers important for fire safety?

Sprinklers do not rely upon human factors such as farniliararity with escape routes or emergency assistance. They go to work immediately to reduce the danger. Sprinklers prevent the fast development of intense heat caused by fire, which are capable of trapping dozens of building occupants.

How it Works:

When the heat from a fire raises the sprinkler anywhere between 155 degrees and 165 degrees F, the cap drops away and a fusible link or glass bulb activates in the sprinkler. Water discharges, generally from only the one sprinkler head.